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Manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages – Slavek, Krobia

The company Slavek was established in 1997 and has been developing very dynamically since its foundation, constantly expanding its range and introducing new models of carriages. We specialize in the production of all kinds of wooden and metal carriages and for special occasions. Thanks to the use of modern technological methods, we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, who take part in international driving competitions with our carriages.


Manufacture of horse-drawn carriages

We professionally manufacture various types of horse-drawn carriages. Extensive experience in the branch combined with passion make us ensure their performance at the highest level. We create, among others, carriages for newlyweds, disabled people as well as sleighs and funeral hearses. We implement each model using the best available raw materials and materials, guaranteeing their reliability and durability. To meet your expectations, we make the carriage ordered by you in any colour. High precision of workmanship and great attention to detail are guaranteed by our specialists involved in the entire production process. In addition to the implementation of individual orders, we provide comprehensive maintenance services. We have a large assortment of additional and spare parts produced by reputable companies.

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Horse-drawn carriages


We specialize in the manufacturing of various types of metal and wooden carriages and luxury britzkas for special occasions. In our offer you will find sleighs and carriages adapted for disabled people, as well as dedicated to newlyweds. For all vehicles we create, we use only the highest quality raw materials and materials, and the experience and skills of our specialists guarantee product durability and your satisfaction.


Malowanie proszkowe

Powder coating


Unlike traditional varnishes, the use of powder paints allows you to obtain smooth surfaces characterized by high resistance to both chemical and mechanical factors. This results in greater abrasion resistance than with solvent-based paints. Powder coating is more ecological than traditional, and the paints are safe for the environment, because no harmful solvents are used in the painting process.



CNC milling and turning


Milling is a cutting process in which a cutter is used to remove the surface of the material by moving in a given direction at an angle. CNC milling machines are controlled in one of two ways: by computer or by hand.
Turning, on the other hand, is a slightly different process as it is based on computer-controlled machines and produces a different final product. A single-point cutting tool is used during its operation, which is inserted parallel to the material to be cut.


Cięcie plazmą

Plasma cutting


Plasma cutting can separate all electrically conductive materials such as aluminum, various types of stainless steel and mild steel. It is currently the most common thermal cutting process for high-alloy steels and is very often used for cutting non-alloy steels for materials up to a thickness of approx. 30 mm.



Our offer is complemented by a wide range of additional, spare and service parts for carriages from reputable companies. Thanks to the knowledge of the branch market, we buy only from proven suppliers.


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we offer configuration of a horse-drawn carriage that meets all needs, including painting it in the colour of your choice.


Customers who want to restore their carriages to their original glory can rely on our many years of experience. We provide professional repair and restoration services for damaged carriages, which include removing dirt, refreshing the paint coating or replacing the upholstery with a new one.

Count on a company with experience and make use of our services. Feel free to contact us.