Restoration - How is the restoration of a horse-drawn carriage carried out?

stara bryczka

The carriage restoration process begins with a detailed analysis of the structure, followed by gradual disassembly. Only then is it possible to thoroughly clean all dismantled parts from dirt and corrosion deposits. It also often happens that wooden elements are completely degraded and then it is necessary to reconstruct them using the same types of wood. This allows you to keep the original style and character. An equally important step is to make the appropriate upholstery on the seats, both inside and outside the carriage. The next stage of work is painting, which has a huge impact on its overall aesthetics. The selection of appropriate varnishes and the right colour of paints enables the reproduction of the original style.

At the end, all the parts have to be carefully fitted and the missing parts can be supplemented and reassembled with special precautions not to damage the refurbished elements.

Restoring the carriage yourself, in most cases, is simply impossible. The lack of appropriate skills and knowledge affects the quality of work, which in turn results in a mediocre end result. For this reason, it is worth entrusting restoration works to specialists who guarantee the highest level of services in their industry.